Upgrade to 1.12 and other things!

motherchar Management posted Jul 23, 17

Dear player on XenoFlux 

Its have absolutly not been a good summer for us. We have lost many players - few enter the server. So its time to do something.

First I will upgrade the server to 1.12. The old world will be deleted. No houses will be moved over to the new world.

I belive i'm going to delete towny and add the landclaim plugin. There will be less plugins.

Those who have donate, will still have there ranks and all they have bought in the webshop.

I'm sorry if there are some players that get angry for I delete the world - but I must do what I think is best for the server.

I hope you all will back me up with what I'm going to do - and understand I need to do it - to keep XenoFlux going on!

MinaKittaw RElite To be honest, it was the previous resets that kind of stunted my interest in Xenoflux. I tend towards big projects and i...
Ainsmar RLegend Sorry I have been gone for awhile, kids wanted to play with parrots. I hope to rejoin as soon as the upgrade is complete...
Timbur_Wolf R Is it the whole server and stuff reseting, or just survival? Also, do we get the stuff in our inventories and /pv's...


motherchar Management posted Apr 21, 17

The survival server have now got all the resets there should be made this time. World 1.11 (the old world) is now deleted.

I havent reset the mineworld - and I dont know if im gonna do it this time.

As many have seen, there are still Towny on the server - but in a diffrent way. Its with a GUI menu and gives the player many many option to create her/he's town.

We have add MythicMobs and Dungeons - those to plugin will soon function. Custom Enchant have been removed, its because you can buy specical weapons to fight the Dungeons.

I want to thanks all the players for there support to the server - and remember to vote for the server!

Survival reset - and new survival!

motherchar Management posted Apr 6, 17

We are going to make a new Survival server!

Towny is going to be removed as well as other plugins. However, new plugins will be added. The eco system is going to be reset so everybody will start over in terms of earning money.

Donator ranks will still be there

The towny world /warp 1.11 will stay for a little while - so people do have a chance to move their items from chest over to the new world. But 1.11 will be deleted.

Hope you all will enjoy the new survival!

Best regard

The staff team!

motherchar Management MinaKittaw I do understand what you say - but sometimes a server need that kind of resets. Its not only XenoFlux - all s...
MinaKittaw RElite I have concerns about the Economy values being reset. People who have paid real money for either donator ranks (which gi...
Sotrmy RHelperLegend When will the new world be open so we can move stuff?
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