Updated to 1.13

eluganzor Management
eluganzor @ XenoFlux Survival
posted Jul 25, 18

I am happy to announce that 1.13 is now live. The server is running on a completely fresh install. Everything has been reset aside from your ranks.

The current setup is vanillaish, but with the basics like economy. We do plan on adding features again to make it a more custom survival experience, but that won't be happening with the initial release. As said on the official 1.13 release post, they kept breaking bit by bit of the game to make it work with every update, but with 1.13 in order to fix everything they broke everything and as a result every plugin manager have to update their plugins in order for them to work for 1.13. That being said for certain plugins it is happening rather quick, while others not so much.

Therefore features will come in future. We also want to completely change our donation model to fresh ranks and features, more on that will come soon.

For now I highly encouorage you to come on and try out the new 1.13 features with us.

Best Regards,
XenoFlux Staff

Wyr3d RHero Looks like you were wrong about the update. All cahs was reset, all inventory has been reset - and all the player vaults...

113 aquatic

motherchar Management
motherchar @ XenoFlux Survival
posted Jun 27, 18

Hello all,

It seems that the 113 aquatic update is comming out very soon. That means we will update the server as soon as it is released.

The update will influence your inventory and your amount of money. Your rank will NOT be affected.

When we make the update there will be made 1 big survival world. That means those 2 survival worlds there are right now , they will be deleted.

At the same time we remove Towny plugin, Custom enchantment and some other small plugins.

Return of Skyblock

motherchar Management
motherchar @ XenoFlux Survival
posted Mar 20, 18

As we mentioned in the last post regarding the new worlds and who runs them, additionally we have decided to reimplement skyblock. Skyblock currently features a set of challenges, which will take you from a 3x3 dirt island to your personal skyblock kingdom. Furthermore we make use of greenhouses, which is a plugin that allows you to build areas for specific biomes. These biomes will introduce anything thats natural for the biome. As an example a nether biome will spawn pigmen. 

Furthermore we are contemplating adding SlimeFun to skyblock, to create additional content. Is that something you would like to see? Please let us know in the comments.

Best Regards,

Xenoflux Management

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