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By motherchar Management - Posted Jan 16, 17

As you may be aware, lots of Minecraft servers are created every week with the aim of building a community of players and providing a space for them to play and hang out with each other in game. Many of these servers however do not last and are gone as quickly as they are set up. We at Xenoflux have been very lucky to have built the community we have today and exist only because of you our current players. But we need to continue to survive and thrive, keep our legacy going. There are three main ways identified below that upon doing will help support and boost the Xenoflux community growth so we are more stronger and bigger.

As many of you already do, voting on the server list vote sites every day can boost our rank position upon them and therefore make more people aware that Xenoflux exists. You can find more information at the following post on how to vote and win prizes in doing so!

Monthly top voters

Diamond, Comment & Favourite on PMC
Over on the Planet Minecraft website our position on the server list rankings is determined by the server score however our status on the site is also boosted by the number of Diamonds we receive as well as adding comments and favouriting. Diamonds, comments and favourites can be given by those with a registered account on Planet Minecraft.

PMC Server Listing


Review on Forums
We currently have posts/threads on both Planet Minecraft and the Minecraft forums providing details on the Xenoflux server and its community. However just posting this information is sometimes not enough, player reviews are an excellent way of providing a sense of the community we hold dear here. So heading over and writing a short review could do wonders. Links are provided below and registered users may add their comments to our threads.

PMC Thread

MC Forum Thread

Thank You
To players old and new, thank you for continuing to support Xenoflux and be part of our community and family. We look forward to many more years in the Minecraft world!

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