Upgrade to 1.12 and other things!

By motherchar Management - Posted Jul 23, 17

Dear player on XenoFlux 

Its have absolutly not been a good summer for us. We have lost many players - few enter the server. So its time to do something.

First I will upgrade the server to 1.12. The old world will be deleted. No houses will be moved over to the new world.

I belive i'm going to delete towny and add the landclaim plugin. There will be less plugins.

Those who have donate, will still have there ranks and all they have bought in the webshop.

I'm sorry if there are some players that get angry for I delete the world - but I must do what I think is best for the server.

I hope you all will back me up with what I'm going to do - and understand I need to do it - to keep XenoFlux going on!

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