Towny removal and workshop.

By WilbertoTan RLegend - Posted Dec 14, 17

Dear players. 

We decided to remove our towny plugin. Towny was a big part of our server but it didnt function as we wanted. Don't be affraid, The server is gonna have more updates! First of all. The way to claim your base is changed. Maybe old players remember it, The golden shovel claim! Use a golden shovel to claim your base. Every hour that you play. You get 100 claim blocks to expand your base! You can buy claim blocks with points or money in the shop or ingame with /buy.  The second big update is the new workshop. You can now get custom builds in different sizes. You can get custom skulls, WorldEdit help, house upgrades and house movements. Look for more info ingame at the market area or click the link below. For more info ask our staff team. Big thanks to Lightning0Lizard for the workshop! 

Ask our staff team if you need any help       Click here for more information about the workshop!

We hope that we see you soon on the server!

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