Updated to 1.13

By eluganzor Management - Posted Jul 25, 18

I am happy to announce that 1.13 is now live. The server is running on a completely fresh install. Everything has been reset aside from your ranks.

The current setup is vanillaish, but with the basics like economy. We do plan on adding features again to make it a more custom survival experience, but that won't be happening with the initial release. As said on the official 1.13 release post, they kept breaking bit by bit of the game to make it work with every update, but with 1.13 in order to fix everything they broke everything and as a result every plugin manager have to update their plugins in order for them to work for 1.13. That being said for certain plugins it is happening rather quick, while others not so much.

Therefore features will come in future. We also want to completely change our donation model to fresh ranks and features, more on that will come soon.

For now I highly encouorage you to come on and try out the new 1.13 features with us.

Best Regards,
XenoFlux Staff

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