Top voters January 2019

By motherchar Management - Posted Feb 4, 19

This is the monthly top voter competition to help aid our rankings on registered voting sites and give you the opportunity to win fantastic prizes. All registered users upon our website, your voting is automatically recorded and displayed in a list on the Vote section, which will be used to determine the winners. As of the 1st of the month vote to your heart's content to increase your voting points and therefore your chance of being in the top three voters.

1st: $25,000 in game currency on Survival + wither skeleton spawner!
2nd: $10,000 in game currency on Survival + Iron Golem Spawnerl!
3rd: $5,000 in game currency on Survival + Squid spawner!

The Monthly winners will be posted here. Check back at the end of each month to see if you've won!
Janyary 2019
1st: zeldabjorn
2nd: emenem100
3rd: mothercrar

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