Return of Skyblock

motherchar Management posted Mar 20, 18

As we mentioned in the last post regarding the new worlds and who runs them, additionally we have decided to reimplement skyblock. Skyblock currently features a set of challenges, which will take you from a 3x3 dirt island to your personal skyblock kingdom. Furthermore we make use of greenhouses, which is a plugin that allows you to build areas for specific biomes. These biomes will introduce anything thats natural for the biome. As an example a nether biome will spawn pigmen. 

Furthermore we are contemplating adding SlimeFun to skyblock, to create additional content. Is that something you would like to see? Please let us know in the comments.

Best Regards,

Xenoflux Management

New Survival Release

shaunaqueen RLegend posted Feb 11, 18

Hello everyone,

As you may have seen from our previous postings, as well as updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages, a new survival style has been released. Of course due to this, we have deleted the old world. However, those players that have asked to have their builds saved are entitled to have them moved back, so there is no need to worry! We wanted to try something fresh and a bit different, so we have decided on making various different worlds in order to suit everyone's play style - whether it be regular survival, adventure, completing quests, or building. We look forward to seeing you all. Here are some details about each world:

Isla de Muerta - Ran by motherchar

This is an exciting, quest-based world, in which you complete many fun challenges along the way. The world has a pirate themed storyline and therefore has a currency of gold nuggets. Around the world, there are chests placed in different areas containing cool loot items - Watch out for them, as they are hidden! You are able to either rent your own dock and create a pirate ship, or build a house yourself depending on your personal preference. Regarding materials, you are only allowed to use the specific items sold in the shops at spawn, using gold nuggets. Using the /fly command is not permitted in this world!

Belwyn - Ran by shaunaqueen

Belywn is quite a simplistic world, for those adventurers who just purely wish to explore, build, survive against any mobs and increase their skills. This is a great world to hang out with your friends and have fun! The economy is based around the usual server currency and players are able to earn money from /jobs, as well as selling items, and trading with others. The rules are very easy to follow and if they are in any way bypassed, there will be consequences. If you need any help or have any questions ask for Shauna (IGN: shaunaqueen) and I'll be happy to help you! 

Dragon Kingdom - Ran by DragonOutcast69

This world is an extreme challenge to survive against any creepy mobs - made even more difficult as the world is stuck in a constant night time! Beware of the monsters lurking beneath the darkness, grab your weapons and get ready to fight. Dragon Kingdom is for those more daring players who wish to step out of their comfort zone and improve their mob killing skills. Within this world, regular rules are in place and once again, any rule broken will have consequences. If you need any help or require any assistance please do not hesititate to talk to Dragon (IGN: DragonOutcast69) - He's always happy to help!

Novaterra - Ran by Lightning0Lizard

This is a custom world specially designed by Lightning0Lizard for all of those artistic and creative players. In this world, you are entitled to request a plot on which you can build until your heart's content! The plot can be anywhere in the world, as long as it is easily accessible. It can be a maximum of 30x30 blocks. The game mode is set to creative so you are able to build whatever you want, as long as it follows our rules (no graphic builds please!). The /fly command is allowed of course, enabling you to build at a certain height. Additionally, there is a shop at the world spawn for you to buy specific items as you please. 

motherchar Management Perfect SHuana

New Survival

motherchar Management posted Jan 15, 18

Dear player,

Right now we are working on a new survival server.

Insted of one big world, there will be sevel small worlds plus a mineworld. All mods+ will run those worlds. The worlds will have diffrent gamerules, themes ect.

You can choose a theme or and rulesystem, you find that fit your playstyle best.

You can have a base on 3 worlds at the same time, but you can enter all world to visit your friends or help them.

A world owner can not say no to a player, who wants to joins the world.

I hope you all will enjoy the new game.

Best regards

Xeno staff

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